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Our new homes come with a warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year. Additionally, we offer a 10-year structural warranty that guarantees the integrity of the home's foundation, load-bearing walls, and roof framing. You can rest assured that your investment is protected with our warranty program.


Bourne Group Australia provide you with all the necessary warranties and documents.

Items included are:

  • Warranties for appliances

  • Home Owner's Warranty 

  • Water Proofing Certificates 

  • Smoke Detector Certificate 

  • Interim/Final Occupation Certificate (ONLY if obtainable)

  • Engineering Certificates 

  • BASIX Compliance Certificate 

  • Termite Warranty

  • Glazing Certificates 

We do not leave you once the keys are handed over, we are there to support you in the next few months should anything arise – this will be your ‘maintenance period’. You will be provided, as part of your handover pack, a guide on how to contact us should the need arise.

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