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Design & Planning

Bourne Group Australia can organise your project from start to finish.  Starting with design and planning being the crucial aspects when it comes to building residential homes that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meet the needs of the occupants. In the initial stages of the project, it is essential to conduct a thorough site analysis to understand the topography, orientation, and any potential constraints that may influence the design. This analysis helps in optimising the positioning of the homes to make the best use of natural light and ventilation.


The design phase involves creating a layout that takes into consideration factors such as the number of units, size of the homes, and the overall aesthetic appeal. Careful attention is given to the functionality of the space, ensuring that each project is designed to maximise living space while maintaining a sense of privacy for the residents. Sustainable design principles are also integrated to promote energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the homes.

During the planning phase, considerations are made for infrastructure such as roads, utilities, and common areas to enhance the overall liveability of the community. Zoning regulations and building codes are carefully adhered to in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents.


Bourne Group Australia has multiple collaborations between architects, engineers, and developers which is essential to ensure that the project is executed efficiently and within budget.


By focusing on thoughtful design and meticulous planning, residential homes can be built with the highest quality standards, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for future residents to call home.

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