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Everything has come together, and the moment you have been waiting for begins!

We’ll introduce you to your construction supervisor who ensures your home is built to the highest of quality standards and on time. We use quality trades whom we have been building loyalty and trust with for many years. 


Your Construction Supervisor will be your primary contact throughout this process. They will provide weekly / fortnightly updates – you will also have the opportunity to visit the site to discuss any concerns

Construction Milestones

  • Slab: Completion of site preparation, piering and slab

  • Frame and Windows: Erection of frames and trusses and installation of windows and door frames 

  • Brick and Roof: Completion of brickwork and roof installed (for two-storey homes, roof excludes lower roof due to scaffolding requirements)

  • Gyprock and Lockup: Installation of gyprock and all external points into the house ‘locked up.’

  • Kitchen, Tile and 50% Paint: Fully tiled and kitchen installed. 50% of the home will be painted. 

  • Practical Completion: Home completed and to be ready for handover. 

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